Swimsuit Holiday

This Memorial Day weekend is going to be a hot one!!!  If you are celebrating the holiday by the pool or at the beach…don’t forget to stop by A La Folie and shop for the best swimsuit out there right now.  Of course, I am talking about PRIMA DONNA SWIM!  We have three great collections in stock, two pieces from D to G cups and one-piece from F-H cups.


Punch Bikini in Tourmaline


Cocktail , one piece in Fiesta Red


Sherry Bikini in Coral


Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  Every mom deserves the best on her special day.  Come into A La Folie and pick up something pretty for that special mom in your life!  We have plenty of gift ideas to choose from like: comfy and cozy loungewear, beautiful lingerie, jewelry and fragrances!


We also sell gift certificates and offer the best bra fitting service…we will never let a customer walk out our door with the wrong size!

Come visit us at our boutique or shop on our online store

Wear Gerbe

I know that it is spring time but for those of us living in San Francisco and the BayArea, the weather is not always so spring like!  Living in the Bay Area for over 20 years now…I know you have to dress appropriately for the ever daily changing temperatures.  Layering is definitely key!  Luckily for me and those like me I love to layer.   One nice thing to have all year round are good pairs of hosiery.  My favorite are from Gerbe, a brand from France that specializes in the most beautiful and spectacular designed hosiery.  Gerbe offers something to suit every mood and style.  The best thing is the materials that Gerbe use in their products which provides for the most comfortable wear.  Keep reading for more background on the label…

Founded in 1904 by Stéphane Gerbe, Manufacture GERBE, located in Saint Vallier in the south of Burgundy (France), has succeeded in maintaining over the years its values and traditions, which have made and still make it renowned. The manufactory, which has recently been labelled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Français”, has seen a succession of ups and downs throughout its history… but mostly a myriad of tights and stockings. For over a century now, the brand has grown to become a legend in the world of hosiery.

Manufacture GERBE, which has remained a family business for many years, has experienced the hardships and setbacks of the ownership of financial institutions, with a number of changes in the leadership and recurring judicial restructurings. Since 2003 and after these numerous upheavals, the manufactory raises up and regains stability under the direction of Alain Regad, who became its owner through the company Rhovyl.

With its unrivalled know how for over a hundred years now, GERBE devotes to offer its customers very high quality products. That’s why the major part of the yarns that are used to knit the tights and stockings are produced within Rhovyl. This allows the Manufacture a total control of its supply chain. Today, more than ever, Manufacture GERBE and its “petites mains” are the centerpiece of the brand and the pride of their President. The brand GERBE has built its reputation for excellence on essential values, which still contributes to its success and continuity: a traditional and artisanal manufacturing 100% made in France, a unique “Savoir Faire”, but also exclusive material choices and a hand made “Haute Couture” confection providing unmatchable comfort.

Stop by our website or boutique to shop for a pair of your very own Gerbe!


Slip into this…


A good essential slip is something that should be easy to find but it’s not always the case.  I get a lot of request for nice, basic, and simple half slips and slip-dresses.  I was on the search for some myself earlier this year.  I completely forgot that several years ago we use to carry the line Only Hearts, a inner/outerwear compant designed in New York, Manhattan garment district.   To me Only Hearts offers really clean modern designs and fabrics that hugs your body just like a second skin…

3372_MG_0061 3372_MG_0088

Second Skin Chemise short slip $64 (Also available in black)

Perfect for all the sheer spring dresses!



Second Skin short half slip $45 (Also available in black)

Love it for short/mini skirts !  Length is 16″

3989-lola's_dress_0076 3989-lola's_dress_0091

Silk Charmeuse Slip dress $137 (Also available in black)

This is one of my favorite!  Soft and slinky for layering or be daring and wear the slip alone!  I would wear the black version with layers of delicate necklaces and pair it with ankle strap sandals.

Splish Splash…Take a dip with Prima Donna SWIM

I do not know how long I have been saying to myself…Prima Donna needs to create a swimwear collection.  Well finally my wish is answered!!!  This summer Prima Donna is featuring Prima Donna SWIM.  If you love the fit and look of Prima Donna lingerie, their swimwear collection will not disappoint!  We will also feature the swimwear at our annual Van De Velde Trunkshow which will be held on Saturday April 5th here at the boutique from noon – 4pm!  In the meantime, here are some images to keep in mind when packing for your summer vacation, pool party, yacht party, or fun beach day.


PrimaDonna_Swim_Cocktail_Fiesta-Red_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Cocktail_Fiesta-Red-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Cocktail_Night-Blue_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Copacabana_Smoothie_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Copacabana_Smoothie-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Copacabana_Waterlove_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Copacabana_Waterlove-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Pinacolada_Apple-Candy-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Pinacolada_Apple-Candy_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Pinacolada_Funky-Violet_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Punch_Curacao-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Punch_Tango-03_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Sherry_Electric-Blue-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Tequila_Aquarium-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Tequila_Night-Blue_low-resPrimaDonna_Swim_Pinacolada_Hot-Pink_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Punch_Curacao_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Punch_Tango-04_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Sherry_Electric-Blue-03_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Mojito_Coral_low-res

Spring is here! Part II

Yesterday I posted a few pictures from Prima Donna and Prima Donna Twist SS14 collection.  Today is part II, featuring the collections from Marie Jo and L’Aventure

Enjoy the beautiful photos!  Again, we hope to see you at the show.  Have a beautiful day cher amis!


Marie_Jo_Avero_Florida_low_res Marie_Jo_Avero_Soleil_low_res Marie_Jo_Axelle_Cosmopolitan-Blue-02_low_res Marie_Jo_Axelle_Gardenia-Rose-02_low_res Marie_Jo_Celia_White_low_res Marie_Jo_Chloe_Fleur-De-Printemps_low_res Marie_Jo_Daphne_Cherry-Blossom_low_res Marie_Jo_Daphne_Iris-Blue_low_res Marie_Jo_Daphne_Natural-02_low_res Marie_Jo_Eloise_Mojito_low_res Marie_Jo_Hannah_Bisque-02_low_res Marie_Jo_Hannah_White_low_res Marie_Jo_Jane_Sabbia-02_low_res


Marie_Jo_LAventure_Chet_Nougat_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Clark_Black_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Clark_White_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Flynn_Flamingo_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Flynn_Yacht-Blue_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Frank_Mint-02_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Fred_Hot-Pink_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Fred_Hot-Pink-02_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Gene_Honey_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Gene_Lipstick_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Tom_Barbapapa_low_res

Spring is here!

It’s that time of year again…Spring is here!  You know what that means, all new collections of beautiful lingerie.  Next month on Saturday,  April 5th , A La Folie will be hosting our annual spring/summer trunkshow featuring Prima Donna, Prima Donna Twist, Marie Jo, and L’Aventure latest collection.  For those who cannot wait here are some images to hold you over until then!  Enjoy…we hope to see to you at the trunkshow!


PrimaDonna_Deaville_Fiesta-Red-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Stella_FullMoon_low-resPrimaDonna_Aurora_Gel-Bleute_low-res PrimaDonna_Aurora_Strawberry-Pink_low-res PrimaDonna_Luna_Primrose-Pink_low-res PrimaDonna_Luna_Fleur-De-Printemps_low-res PrimaDonna_Dvine_Blue-Tulip_low-res PrimaDonna_Divine_Venus_low-res PrimaDonna_Madison_Florida_low-res PrimaDonna_Naboo_White_low-res


PrimaDonna_Twist_A_La_Folie_Florida_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Froufrou_Candy_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Froufrou_Tropical-Sand-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Ohlala_Fiesta-Red_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Ohlala_Tropical-Green_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Precieus_Tagada_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Sweety_Blushing-Orange_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Tresor_White_low-res