Splish Splash…Take a dip with Prima Donna SWIM

I do not know how long I have been saying to myself…Prima Donna needs to create a swimwear collection.  Well finally my wish is answered!!!  This summer Prima Donna is featuring Prima Donna SWIM.  If you love the fit and look of Prima Donna lingerie, their swimwear collection will not disappoint!  We will also feature the swimwear at our annual Van De Velde Trunkshow which will be held on Saturday April 5th here at the boutique from noon – 4pm!  In the meantime, here are some images to keep in mind when packing for your summer vacation, pool party, yacht party, or fun beach day.


PrimaDonna_Swim_Cocktail_Fiesta-Red_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Cocktail_Fiesta-Red-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Cocktail_Night-Blue_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Copacabana_Smoothie_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Copacabana_Smoothie-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Copacabana_Waterlove_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Copacabana_Waterlove-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Pinacolada_Apple-Candy-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Pinacolada_Apple-Candy_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Pinacolada_Funky-Violet_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Punch_Curacao-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Punch_Tango-03_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Sherry_Electric-Blue-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Tequila_Aquarium-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Tequila_Night-Blue_low-resPrimaDonna_Swim_Pinacolada_Hot-Pink_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Punch_Curacao_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Punch_Tango-04_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Sherry_Electric-Blue-03_low-res PrimaDonna_Swim_Mojito_Coral_low-res

Spring is here! Part II

Yesterday I posted a few pictures from Prima Donna and Prima Donna Twist SS14 collection.  Today is part II, featuring the collections from Marie Jo and L’Aventure

Enjoy the beautiful photos!  Again, we hope to see you at the show.  Have a beautiful day cher amis!


Marie_Jo_Avero_Florida_low_res Marie_Jo_Avero_Soleil_low_res Marie_Jo_Axelle_Cosmopolitan-Blue-02_low_res Marie_Jo_Axelle_Gardenia-Rose-02_low_res Marie_Jo_Celia_White_low_res Marie_Jo_Chloe_Fleur-De-Printemps_low_res Marie_Jo_Daphne_Cherry-Blossom_low_res Marie_Jo_Daphne_Iris-Blue_low_res Marie_Jo_Daphne_Natural-02_low_res Marie_Jo_Eloise_Mojito_low_res Marie_Jo_Hannah_Bisque-02_low_res Marie_Jo_Hannah_White_low_res Marie_Jo_Jane_Sabbia-02_low_res


Marie_Jo_LAventure_Chet_Nougat_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Clark_Black_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Clark_White_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Flynn_Flamingo_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Flynn_Yacht-Blue_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Frank_Mint-02_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Fred_Hot-Pink_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Fred_Hot-Pink-02_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Gene_Honey_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Gene_Lipstick_low_res Marie_Jo_LAventure_Tom_Barbapapa_low_res

Spring is here!

It’s that time of year again…Spring is here!  You know what that means, all new collections of beautiful lingerie.  Next month on Saturday,  April 5th , A La Folie will be hosting our annual spring/summer trunkshow featuring Prima Donna, Prima Donna Twist, Marie Jo, and L’Aventure latest collection.  For those who cannot wait here are some images to hold you over until then!  Enjoy…we hope to see to you at the trunkshow!


PrimaDonna_Deaville_Fiesta-Red-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Stella_FullMoon_low-resPrimaDonna_Aurora_Gel-Bleute_low-res PrimaDonna_Aurora_Strawberry-Pink_low-res PrimaDonna_Luna_Primrose-Pink_low-res PrimaDonna_Luna_Fleur-De-Printemps_low-res PrimaDonna_Dvine_Blue-Tulip_low-res PrimaDonna_Divine_Venus_low-res PrimaDonna_Madison_Florida_low-res PrimaDonna_Naboo_White_low-res


PrimaDonna_Twist_A_La_Folie_Florida_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Froufrou_Candy_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Froufrou_Tropical-Sand-02_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Ohlala_Fiesta-Red_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Ohlala_Tropical-Green_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Precieus_Tagada_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Sweety_Blushing-Orange_low-res PrimaDonna_Twist_Tresor_White_low-res

Happy Valentine’s Day


l’artisan: l’ambre candles & traversee du bosphore eau de parfum, lise charmel: garter belt, eyemask, and push up bra

 I hope that today you can make the time to show the person or people that you care about exactly how you feel about them.  Best way is to keep it simple and true from the heart.  Gifts won’t hurt either… ;  )  

I leave you today with what I think is one of the greatest love song ever…enjoy!  

Happy Valentine’s Day ! 

“At Last” by Etta James

At last 

My love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a songOh yeah yeah
At lastThe skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up in clover
The night I looked at you

I found a dream, that I could speak to
A dream that I can call my own
I found a thrill to press my cheek to
A thrill that I have never known

Oh yeah yeah
You smiled, you smiled
Oh and then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven
for you are mine…

At Last

Be Mine Valentine

be mine

Recital Sexy Basque / Corset

What more can you ask for!  The most perfect collection for Valentine’s Day from Lise Charmel the “Recital Sexy”

The black and red color scheme is such a classic color combination that can be worn for any special occasion.


Recital Sexy Boyshort Panty


Recital Sexy Italian Panty

red eyemask

Precieux Tissage Eyemask

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Red Christmas gift box and baubles on background of defocused golden lights.


Today is the start of our extended holiday shopping for the holidays!  December 25th is fast approaching so stop by and pick up a special gift for that special someone.  We have a range of great gift items: lingerie, eyemask, fragrances, jewelry, hosiery, robes and sleepwear.  Gift Certificates are also available!

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